Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Dancing Solar Flowers at the Sablon, in the heart of Brussels

Dancing Solar Flower, Dancing Solar Flower, Dancing Solar Flower... hundreds of Dancing Solar Flowers have pacifically invaded the Place du Grand Sablon in Brussels from May 25th until June 25th 2012.

In the frame of the Exhibition "Hymne à la Vie", organized at the Sablon, every Dancing Solar Flower has been the symbol of every children prematurely died, but also a message of hope for a better future for everyone.
The exhibition aimed at raising awareness on children in distress then promoting the 103, the new French community free help number.

Quite all the shops of the square have welcomed in their windows an installation of solar art with the Dancing Solar Flowers.

Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers at the Sablon

All united for the wellbeing of our children...because children are the future!