Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sustainable Development Art at Wolubilis Cultural Center

From 9th till 11th of November 2012, the Sustainable Development Festival was organized at the Wolubilis Cultural Center in Brussels. You may have seen this poster to announce this event: 

Poster for the Sustainable Development Festival

On this occasion, an installation of Dancing Solar Flowers has been set up: indeed, in a certain sense, the Dancing Solar Flowers embody an eco-friendly dimension. They function thanks to the light (artificial or natural) and hence raise awareness on the potential of environmental friendly technologies:  people's first reaction is to wonder how it works. Here is the installation of solar art, the Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers: 

Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers by Alexandre Dang

The Dancing Solar Flowers were moving, even if with the dull weather of the week-end! It was hard work to try and make some nice pictures of the artwork due to the lightning conditions. On the other hand, it allowed good awareness on the potential of solar electricity. Indeed, a lot of people asked how the flowers could move even in the absence of direct sunlight. The answer is very simple to understand: in Belgium, on a dull day, the sun is still in the sky and its light goes through the clouds. That's why the Dancing Solar Flowers dance everyday and why solar electricity is an alternative to traditional electricity. With this picture, you're going to see the sun in the clouds and sustainable development art: 

Dancing Solar Flowers and the Sun through the clouds

In parallel with this exhibition of solar art, creative workshop for children were organized. The children have a sample of "Fill in your own pattern" edition in order to create their own Dancing Solar Flower! So, they cut the outline that they have chosen (flower, sun, cat, butterfly, heart), they color it with the pattern they want to realize. Then the pattern can be fixed on the solar engine. It is important to raise awareness of the children, because they are the future of the world and they will have to take the good decisions to tackle global warming. 

Creative Workshop: make your own Dancing Solar Flower from the edition "Fill in your own pattern"

The rest of the festival was very interesting too with conferences on sustainable development and global warming, documentaries about renewable energy, electric cars which were used in some adventures to highlight the potential of solar energy. 
Finally, I would like to thank the team of the Wolubilis Cultural Center for their help during this week-end. This place is definitely worth visiting. The windows are very original and very nice: see it in the background of the following picture behind the Dancing Solar Flowers

Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers at Wolubilis Cultural Center

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