Thursday, October 18, 2012

Singapour Art Museum 2012

Hi everybody!

In this post, I let you discover the exhibition Art Garden where I exhibited one of my installations of my sustainable solar art. Indeed, I set up a Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers on the front of the building of the museum.

Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers by Alexandre Dang

To see my kinetic solar art better, I've got videos of the exhibition! So, let's begin with the first video (don't forget to watch it in HD). This video is very simple and allows you to perfectly see the motion of each Dancing Solar Flower. Hope you'll enjoy!

To continue with this exhibition, let's watch people's reaction. How do they interact with my Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers? The answer is in the next video.

Following those two broad videos about the exhibition and the public, go into details of the interaction between the public and my Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers and you're going to see some specific attitudes
I already told you that each Dancing Solar Flower had a photovoltaïc cell, therefore, the more there was light, the faster it swang/danced. So, let's see what happens when someone hides the solar panel of one of them, even with a tablet computer!

The second attitude is very special in front of an artwork. Indeed, people take pictures in front of the Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers, even though it is generally prohibited in museums! But, of course, don't worry, Dancing Solar Flowers don't fear the light. It's quite the opposite! You can even put the flash on! Let's watch this video.

Last but not least: the attitude in front of the Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers is a game of imitation. And what if you were a Dancing Solar Flower, shaking your head from the left to the right? It seems to be the dream of many people, as you're going to see it in the next video.

The concept of the last video is very simple. It's the best of this exhibition Art Garden with my Vertical Garden of Dancing Solar Flowers at the Singapore Art Museum. You'll find the best moments of the previous videos and some special bonuses.

I hope you enjoyed all those videos, you can find them and others videos on my youtube account. See you soon for others Dancing Solar Flowers!